About Us

Brand Squirrels is an Innovative, Full-Service Digital Agency For Brands

We exist to partner brands in creating innovative, personal and integrated experiences for consumers.
We think and act like a startup and we apply Silicon Valley thinking to everything we do.
We're digitally native, mobile first and everything we do relates to encouraging and delivering great consumer journeys for brands.
We put people before everything and we love the opportunity and fun in every challenge.

Brand Squirrels in Numbers

Independent Digital Agency founded in 2012.

With 50% year-on-year growth.
We work with some of the world's biggest and most iconic brands across 16 countries.
1000's of videos, creative images, advertising creatives and content pages delivered, all for the World's biggest brands.
100's of consumer insight reports, e-commerce reviews and website/social audits delivered.
100% committed to clients' success.


Everything We Can Do

We believe that brands that cannot show a purpose around sustainable issues such as climate change, gender equality, world hunger and other major issues that impact on humanity will soon not have a business reason for existing.
We focus on doing everything we can to promote sustainability within our own organisation and everything we can to help brands develop and communicate their own sustainable values.

Putting People First

In The Digital Age We Put People First To Keep Brands Ahead

As modern culture changes so quickly, brands need to keep adapting and faster than ever before.
Our proprietary formula focuses on people’s behaviour, combining Lean Methodology with next generation software and human know-how to ensure brands stay ahead of the curve.

Our Story

"I'd been working with global brands for some time and in 2012-2013 I was privileged to study with Stanford University, focusing on rapid growth business models, go-to-market strategies and lean methodology.
During my studies, it became clear to me that big brands need to change faster than ever before to stay ahead. I realised that brands could benefit from a street-smart, digital agency, with Silicon Valley thinking that could deliver high quality, with speed and flexibility but also with significantly lower cost structure than the traditional agency model.
In our industry a lot of people talk a good game, at Brand Squirrels we get things done and we're obsessed about delivering on our promises and that's why some of the biggest brands in the world work with us.”
- Andrew Phillips, Founder and Managing Partner, Brand Squirrels
This is what encouraged Andrew Phillips to found Brand Squirrels in 2012 and since then we have focused on doing what we love most - helping brands create, retain and build meaningful relationships with customers.

Innovation for Brands.

In the digital age it’s never been easier for disruptor brands to gain traction.
Brands must continually adapt to stay ahead and we can help.

Go Fast orGo Home.

Delivering fast is part of our DNA, it sets us aside from the pack

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